Our Wonderful World Blogging Event

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Today we have been learning about South America and the countries within it. We have :
  • created masks and wrist bands for a Brazilian carnival
  • learnt the Tango dance
  • learnt some Spanish words
  • made Brazilian Brigadeiros

Take a look at some of our photos………


Stanley’s Stick

Today we read Stanley’s Stick.

Mrs Whittington gave us all a stick and asked us to use our imagination to transform it into something different like Stanley does in the story.

Here are some of our ideas …

Lukas said his stick would be a whistle, he showed us how he would play a tune. We had fun copying him.

Jayden said his stick would be a magic wand. We all used our wand to cast a spell.

Ariarna wanted her stick to be an axe. We imagined chopping down a bean stalk before the giant came down.

Neve said her stick was a horse, we all had a go at riding our own stick horses.

Kian thought his stick could be a chair. We turned our sticks into chairs…..ouch!

Lilly’s stick would be a beautiful butterfly that would fly around her hair.

Ashlee said her stick would be a sssssssnake.

Ava said her stick would be a shoe. We only had one stick so she said we would be like Cinderella.

Eva imagined her stick was a beautiful pair of wings.

Keira said her stick was a tiger. We all imagined our stick was a dangerous tiger looking for food.

Bailey said his stick was a crocodile. He showed us how it would snap it’s mouth.

Grace asked us to imagine our stick was a sword.

Scarlett imagined her stick was a boat sailing on the sea.

Eli said his stick was a surf board. We tried to balance on our stick.

Ben wanted his stick to be a figit spinner. We found it very tricky to do tricks with it.

George said his stick would be a vampire. Some of us were a little scared to imagine our stick was one too.

Issac showed us how his stick could be a little axe like he uses in mine craft.

We had fun pretending to be witches when Alice said she imagined her stick was a broom.

Leo said that his stick would be a water gun.

Calaen said his stick was a samari axe.

Orlando said his stick was a piano that played beautiful music.

Brookes stick would be a Peacock with a very big and beautiful tale.

Lyla showed us how her stick could be a violin.

Layla said her stick would be a stereo and it would even have a microphone so that you could sing.

Piotr said his stick would be an aeroplane.

Sadie wanted her stick to be a dog……what if her dog stick tried to eat our sticks!

Emily wanted her stick to be a flamingo because she is looking forward to being in Flamingo class when she goes into year 1.

How would you use your imagination to transform a stick?




Celebrating Friendship

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Today we have been celebrating our friendships in Oak Class by making friendship potions and

creating friendship bracelets. We have also had a discussion about diversity and what makes us

all special and unique!

We are all friends in Oak Class!

Talking Tuesday Sessions

Talking Tuesday Sessions


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Talking Tuesday’s have been running every week from 8:30 – 8:45am where there has been a

different focus each week for you to engage in with your child.

Talking Tuesday’s are designed as an opportunity for you to spend 10 minutes of quality and

undisturbed time talking to your child about their work; as a result a NO PHONE


Over the past 11 weeks we have enjoyed sharing books with parents, playing maths and phonic

games and sharing reading books.

Today we asked parents for their feedback on the sessions. Take a look at your valuable


Ashlee’s mum –  “Ashlee has enjoyed parent/nan coming into her classroom and seeing what

work they do – it was so interesting to see what our children do in the day. Ashlee has lots of

friends in this class and is continuing to enjoy her time at school. It is giving her great confidence

and she is always happy to come to school”.

Leo’s mum – “Leo really enjoyed Talking Tuesdays, they are a good way to get parents involved.

He loved showing me his classroom and what he gets up to”.

Scarlett’s mum – “I have really enjoyed these sessions, it was great for Scarlett to be able to

showme her work and chat about it. Scarlett liked me taking her into the classroom and doing

school things with her in a morning”.

Bailey’s mum – “Bailey is excited every week for mummy coming to play with him in his class.

He loves showing me all his achievements. I’m very proud of how far he came since he started.

He built confidence and is getting recognition and being praised so big credit to Miss Townsend

and Mrs Whittington for encouraging him to be the best he can be”.

Kian’s mum – “We have enjoyed the sessions and being able to look at Kian’s work books seeing

how well he is doing and what he can do at home to help him. It’s also good to see his work and

pictures displayed around the classroom so we can see what he’s been doing”.

Alice’s mum – I have really enjoyed what she does at school. It has given me opportunity to ask

about  Alice’s day and understand what she has been doing. I thought looking at Alice’s learning

journey and maths books was really good. It alsowas good for me to learn what ‘high five’

sentences are so can help Alice. It has been very useful”.

Neve’s mum– “I have really enjoyed coming to the sessions, seeing what Neve can do and

looking at the peg chart, reading chart and things she talks about at home because she mostly

can’t remember what she’s done at school!”

Brooke’s mum – “A great idea to see what happens I the classroom and seeing the great

environment there is for the children and amazing work the teachers do”.

Lyla’s mum – “I have really enjoyed seeing what Lyla has been getting up to at school

sometimes it is difficult  to find out what Lyla has been doing”.

Caelan’s mum– “Caelan and I have enjoyed spending time together looking around the

classroom, colouring together, drawing and looking at his work. I think it is a good time for

parents, children and teachers to work together”.

The Class General Election!

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The General Election has informed our learning this week and children have been really

interested in learning about politics and politicians!

On Thursday – polling day – Oak Class decided to write their own manifestos and present them

to each other so that they could vote for a Class Prime Minister to be in charge for the day

on Friday.

Take a look at a selection of manifestos:


We selected the most popular manifestos and the children then voted for their favourite

candidate in our polling station!


A class Prime Minister was then voted for with a staggering 15 votes…………

Her manifesto included cake and balloons for everyone and to put Miss Townsend in the bin!

What would you do if you had a pet dragon?

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This morning the children have been writing about having a dragon as a pet. We thought about what exciting things we could get up to with our dragon and wrote down our ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Here is a selection of our writing:

Poems and Rhymes

This week we have been attempting to write our own poems about things that are special to us. Most of the children choose to write about Norbridge Academy!

To support our learning we listened to poems and nursery rhymes with rhyming words in them.

Image result for hey diddle diddle    Image result for there was an old woman who lived in a shoe poem

These are some of the poems and rhymes which include rhyming words. We hope you enjoy reading them…..

Layla – Norbridge school is cool.

Ariarna – I like to go out in the sun to run.

Eli – Norbridge school is fun, we learn in the sun.

Scarlett – Norbridge is cool, I don’t break a rule.

Emily – School is cool, Norbridge is an ace place. I like to run in the sun.

George – Norbridge is fun, it’s nice like a bun, Norbridge rocks, I make cars out of a box.

Alice – Norbridge is a great school, the teachers make up the rule, at Norbridge we learn and play, we come every day.



Imagine if……….

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Imagine if…………

Houses were made out of jelly ……………………..

Image result for glitter bricks

Imagine if …………………

The builders mixed glitter into the bricks ……………………

Image result for a chocolate school

Imagine if ……………………………

The school bus was made out of chocolate ………………………..

Image result for lego building


Imagine if ……………………….

Castles were made from lego …………………………

Here are the children’s ‘Imagine if’ ideas …………………………

Emily – schools were made from jelly

Brooke – a candy house

Eli – a ginger house with chocolate and sparkles

Isaac – a house made from water

Scarlett – a plastic house

Lukas – a house of blocks

Ashlee – a flower house with chocolate windows and strawberries on top!

Jayden – a chocolate school

Lilly – a strawberry house

Leo – a jelly school

Neve – a marshmallow school with sweet and chocolate

Grace – a house of bricks

Ariarna –  a house made from glass

Fabian –  a house with chocolate bricks

Alice – rainbow bricks to make a house

Ben – a chocolate school

Keira –  a pool in our school

Eva – a jelly house

George – a chocolate school

Caelan – a swimming pool in school with sharks

Piotr –  a water slide in school

Sadie – a house was a rocket

Ava – a school was made from leaves

Lyla – a chocolate house

Where would you like to live?

We have been learning about different types of houses in our ‘Under Construction’ topic. Today we have created a class tally chart to find out where we would most like to live.

These were our choices and how we voted:

Tree House – 4 votes

Image result for tree house

Igloo – 8 votes

Image result for igloo

Ocean Stilt House – 7 votes

Image result for ocean stilt house

Mud Hut – 1 vote

Image result for mud hut
Jungle House – 3 votes
Image result for leaf house in the jungle
Boat House – 6 votes
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Some of our reasons were;
Neve said “I would like to live in a tree house, I like being high!”
Isaac said “I chose boat house. I like water”.
Piotr said “Boat house – I like swimming”.
Lilly said – “Jungle house – I love the jungle”.
Keira said – “Jungle house – I like the animals”.
Layla said – Mud hut – I would like to play in the mud!”
Emily said – ” Igloo – I like snow”.
Ariarna said – Igloo – because its cold!”
Eva said – Igloo – it would be warm inside”.
Jayden said – Tree house – I like climbing”.

Easter Blogging Challenge

Image result for earth from space

Your blogging challenge is to write a story based on the picture above. It could be a story about travelling to space in a hot air balloon, travelling to a magical place, to outer space and seeing aliens, other planets etc.

Please post your entries here. Children are in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize and trophy.

Good Luck!